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How to identify a conning modeling agency? Very easy!

As a fashion photographer in Mumbai, I always come across aspiring models who have some or the other stories to share. Surprisingly, these stories have a central character who cheats them in the modeling industry. So this time, I thought to share a few basic guidelines that every aspiring model & actor should take care of before stepping into the world of glamour and shine.

Registration fee:

There is nothing such as a ‘registration fee’ to be a model. There are coordinators in the glamour industry who might portray themselves as a genuine source of work, but it is all superficial. To work in this industry, all you need to do is, to begin with, a good portfolio shoot, that you can get it done with any reputed fashion photographer, and then work as a freelance model or you can work under any reputed modeling agency. But before connecting with any of them do cross-check the credibility of the source in the market.

Paying to get work:

Money and modeling work together to create good work. But, money alone can never get you in the modeling industry. So those who make you feel that if you give them money they will make you model, beware of them. They are a fraud.

Grooming Classes:

Grooming classes are meant for the corporate sector and those dealing in the embassy market. It is not for models. Here, you need to have command over your facial expressions that you learn with time, as you work for different projects and photographers. While shooting, fashion professionals and photographers can guide you on that line. You don’t need to join any grooming classes for that matter. Those who offer such activities are again trying to extract money from you for no reason. So beware of them.

Guaranteed Assignment Promises:

There is no shortcut to success. Similarly, there are no guaranteed modeling jobs. Every model and actor needs to work hard and earn their role in assignments. Agencies who promise 100% success rates in giving work to their clients are selling false hopes. Avoid falling to such marketing gimmicks.

These are a few guidelines that every model should keep handy while dealing with the modeling sector. Stay focused, avoid shortcuts and success will be yours!



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