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  • How do I book my Portfolio shoot?
    You need to call or whatsapp us on 9820360040 and book an appointment. We suggest you to come for a meeting to understand the portfolio packages in detail and have a look at the studio. Once you are 100% sure, you may book your shoot with us.
  • Can I come directly to your studio without an appointment?
    No! All sessions are by appointment only.
  • Do you shoot kids portfolio?
    No. We dont. You need to be 13 years and above to shoot with us.
  • Will I receive all the pictures from the portfolio shoot session?
    No. You shall be given only the selected pictures as per your package. Though if you want all the pictures, we can provide you the same in a dvd for a cost of Rs 5000/-.
  • How many days does it take for my portfolio to get ready?
    It takes 30 working days from the day of your shoot.
  • How will I receive my portfolio pictures?
    The pictures will be shared by Email and Whatsapp. A google drive link shall be made available for you to download the pictures. You can take a back up of the same on your computer/mobile. The drive link will be available for 30 days only.
  • Do you shoot Indoor and Outdoor?
    Yes! we do shoot indoor and outdoor, location close to the studio.
  • How many days in advance do i need to book my shoot?
    It is best to book 10-15 days in advance to plan your complete portfolio shoot. However, slots frequently open up so feel free to send us a range of dates and we can let you know the availability.
  • Do you shoot on Sunday?
    No. The studio is shut on Sunday.
  • How long is a Photoshoot session?
    A portfolio session takes 4 to 8 hours depending on the package chosen by you. Some sessions wrap up quickly if we feel we have the shot and some go a bit longer as we work through to find that winning image. Don’t worry, We won’t be watching the clock as we shoot! We want to give you a reasonable amount of time for your session so you never feel rushed.
  • Is Professional Makeup and Hair stylist available during the shoot?
    Yes! All the packages inlcude Professional Make up and Hair stylist service.
  • Do you provide costumes in your portfolio packages?
    Yes! A professional fashion stylist will be hired for your shoot, who will arrange costumes and fix a dress trial meeting before the shoot day. All our packages ( excluding the Advance package ) includes costumes and accessories provided by the fashion stylist. Costumes are sourced from Zara or HnM for the shoot.
  • Are all the pictures retouched ?
    Yes! All the selected pictures are digitally retouched. Though we make sure they are subtle and look natural.
  • Where is the studio Located?
    Our studio is located in Goregaon east, Mumbai.
  • Do you shoot Videos?
    Yes! We have packages which include Introduction Video and Audition Video for Actors, who can send it to casting directors.
  • Is the Booking amount Refundable?
    No! The booking amount is Non-refundable, but may be applied to another shoot as long as you have given at least 7 day’s notice of cancellation.
  • Are you Batman?
    Just seeing if you’re paying attention…and We can not answer that question. ;)
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