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If you’re an actor who wants to improve the chances of getting auditions, The Bombay Studio will provide you with a dynamic Actor Portfolio photoshoot which gives you a leg up on your competition. The film and television industry is a very competitive field. Standing out from the crowd and getting auditions can be a difficult task. A professional acting portfolio that showcases your acting range can make the difference between your 'Actor marketing kit' going into the call-back or the no call pile. First impression is everything when you’re trying to get callbacks for auditions.


The professional actor portfolio should capture your various expressions and acting skills. Your portfolio should give the Casting agent/ Agency a peek into your personality and ability to convey the role they’re looking for. In short, it should bring your ideas to life. Our professional actor portfolio will also help you discover your inner confidence during the process of getting the perfect headshot. The Acting portfolio will give you the confidence to apply for more auditions, increasing your chances of landing dream roles.

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