Getting in front of a camera for the first time or even first few times can be intimidating. You might be surprised and relieved to know that even pros get nervous. So, don’t worry, it’s usual and natural.


We’ve worked with a number of new models and actors before and so we understand what to expect and how to get the most out of shooting with someone fresh and new. The best advice we can give is don’t worry about it. Just chill and relax. The Bombay Studio team will do all we can to create the type of environment where you can do just that.


We consider a photo shoot to be a collaborative and creative effort between the model, the photographer, the make-up artist and rest of the team. We welcome exchange of ideas and we are always open to experimenting and trying something new.


We have observed that many first-time models worry about posing. We don’t expect the person we are shooting with to have arsenal of different poses at their disposal and there is no pressure to perform.  Gradually we work with you and your skills and provide as much guidance and direction as required until we both are happy with the results.


Although we have plenty of reference material available at the shoots but you are more than welcome to bring your own. The reference material can be found in magazines, posing books, photos, and anything else that might help you get ideas about looks or poses that you would like to try. For your reference we have all of these items freely available to get ideas from while we are shooting. On shoot, many of the experienced models we have worked with would still look at magazines to draw ideas for posing.


Let’s get this straight, YOU CAN BECOME A MODEL!!!


There is a common misconception about the modelling and acting field. We hear that an aspiring model or an actor should be super skinny, super tall and super sexy. Well, you guessed it right, THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!! And it is especially not true in this era!!!


Just recollect those hundreds of different TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards; you will see that various looks are being used in advertising, which is one field of modelling. The truth is that advertisers need to target various segments of people in our society and you are a part of our vast society as well.


To be specific, now days the required range in models is vast. There is a huge demand for normal average looking people as well. Of course there is always work for people who are good looking and sexy. More than looks it is the overall personality of the model or the actor that counts.


There are unlimited opportunities available to various types of look, age, race, height and weight. Well, let’s go outside of your normal mode of thinking. Think outside the box. Think about the models, actors and other celebrities you look up to and aspire to be like. Why do you think these people are role models to you and many others? What do they all have in common?


What all successful people have in common is that they are all extremely confident and tremendously charismatic and none of them are afraid to be themselves. They are everything that everyone in society aspires to be. And that is why they are successful. So now you know what you need to focus on first in order to become successful as well, your Confidence!


All of the money, fame and the success are the results of these personality traits. These traits are shared by all of the greatest people in history. And you can have these traits as well! Just observe and practise.


When a person has all of these traits they become… Unstoppable!


Their personal energy becomes so attractive that everyone becomes magnetized to them. They become “Irresistibly Attractive”. They have the personality traits that every human desires. Every human has the desire to let go, be oneself and feel 100% Confident. And we are attracted to those who demonstrate this.


By being in their presence or seeing them in magazines or on TV, we get to feel what they are feeling. We get to feel their confidence, joy and fearlessness. We literally feed off of their energy.


We will listen to a song over and over again, simply because of how it makes us feel. And we will look at a magazine ad over and over and over again, for the same reason. We get energized. What you are really doing is connecting with the model in the picture or the artist singing the song. You are getting to feel how they feel. It is all about how music pictures and so on, make us feel. And that is exactly what modelling and acting is about.


To be a model or an actor you need to be the one with the pure confidence and fearlessness.


You need to have more confidence than the agents and clients you meet. They need to want you, because of how you make them feel.


If your energy does not make them feel better than they already feel, then why would they want you? You would be making them feel worse than they feel already. You would be an energy drainer instead of an energizer.


Think about people you know, that you just can’t stand to be around. Why do you think that is? It is because of how they make you feel. They do not make you feel good. They “drain” your energy.


We all want to be surrounded by people that lift us up. That energizes us! When you can energize everyone you meet, you are on the quick and easy path to becoming famous worldwide! And that is the secret of becoming a model and an actor.

Always rest and relax before a shoot, especially if a lot of travel is involved. The best shoots are ones where you feel rested and fresh. Always remember you are not considered a professional after one or two shoots. It takes a lot of work to get to that point. Nothing comes easy; most of the times always present yourself in a very professional manner whether it is your first or 100th shoot. Keep your portfolio updated with new looks and take advice from us from time to time. We all change as months pass so never present yourself as something that you are were once upon a time.


Remember there are modelling opportunities for almost everyone. Make sure that you fit into the one that best suits you and your goals. Marketing today is much diversified, different looks, shapes, sizes, ages and much more. Be you and be the best you can be. You will have times when this stream will get you down and that is ok, if this is what you really want then set and reach for your goals.



Clients are searching for someone who is self-assured and whom they think can sell their product. A model must be able to sell herself before she can sell a product. It is also important to be able to handle the rejection that every model must face. No model could meet the expectations of every possible client. It is always best to go into a casting without over stressing about getting the job. That way it’s a pleasant surprise if you get the job but you aren’t let down if you don’t get it.



Because models must sometimes travel away from their friends and family for a job, or move to a big city to pursue a full time career, it is important to have a great deal of independence. You must be comfortable being by yourself for long periods of time.



A model must be organized in order to keep track of the different dates, times and locations of appointments so that she can show up at appointments and go-sees on time.



A model is sometimes on her feet all day in the freezing cold or the hot sun. She must be healthy and in shape to be able to work all day and still look good. Eating healthy, going for walks/jogs and working out at a gym three times a week is a must.



Clothing changes that you know will fit you well. Don’t always think that you will have everything that is needed for the shoot. Get references as many as you can. That would include other models and/or assignments that the photographer has had. Check and double check. And be sure that a legitimate photographer is doing the same with you. Never take anything for granted.


Bring an open mind, creativity, and a good attitude. The more you enjoy yourself… the better your film will be. Leave friends, relatives and pets at home. Be courteous about the set, borrowed clothes and to the crew

Step1: If you want to make each photo shoot a success, it’s essential that you take the right steps to make sure you are prepared and ready to go prior to your shoot.


Step2: Sleep is a must for all models before a shoot. It goes without saying that the night before your shoot is crucial to how you perform the next day. Plan to sleep early at night. No staying up late, no partying and no drinking. Alcohol makes you dehydrated, which is the last thing you need.


Step3: Set out all of your stuff the night before so you won’t have to rush around that morning. Make sure you know what outfits you’re going to be wearing and pack them neatly in a large tote bag. Separate your accessories and shoes into their own bags as well. Of course if all of this will be supplied at the shoot then you won’t have to worry about it.


Step4: If there is going to be a makeup artist on set, then arrive with a clean and well-moisturized face. Stay out of the sun and the tanning salons!


Step5: Nude colored thongs prevent panty lines and can be easily concealed no matter what color outfit you’re wearing. Pack nude colored thong underwear. Also pack a regular nude colored seamless bra, as well as a strapless. If you aren’t sure what outfits you’ll be wearing, bring a black, white and nude colored bra. Other suggestions for underwear to bring: a variety of styles and colors, Strapless, fullback, bikini pushups, low cut .etc.


Step6: Set all your bags, clothes, accessories, etc. in an easy to see area of your home or pack them in your car the night before so you won’t forget anything.


Step7: It’s important that you have a clear idea of where your shoot is going to be. Get the driving directions the night before and make sure you have at least one contact number of someone who will be at the shoot. They will be the person you call in case you get lost or are running late.


Step8: All facial hair should be tweezed, waxed, or shaven, and excess arm hair should be waxed. Waiting a few days to shave will get you a closer and smoother shave for your shoot and can prevent ingrown hairs. To get a clean and close shave for your shoot (bikini, underarms, legs) don’t shave at all for a day or two. Let the hairs grow in longer and then shave them either the night before or the next morning—whichever you prefer. This will allow for a closer and smoother shave.


MEN: If you are starting with an unshaven look, bring your shaving supplies for your next look. Fingernails should be clean and groomed and not too long. Polish should be a light color.




Step9: The morning of shoot , make sure to wake up extra early and allow yourself plenty of time to get ready and to reach your destination. It’s always better to be early to your shoot.


Step10: Stay hydrated and energized during your shoot. Pack a bottle of water and a straw (so you don’t mess up your lipstick) and bring healthy snacks that won’t get caught in your teeth. Some shoots can be long and you’ll want to keep your energy level up with snacks in between shooting.


Step11: Be comfy . Unless instructed to do so, you don’t have to show up to your shoot already dressed. If you plan on getting dressed when you get there, simply wear pajama bottoms or sweat pants and a button up shirt or other lose fitting top that won’t ruin your hair or makeup when you take it off.


Step12: Avoid wearing jeans or tight fitting clothing because these can leave impressions on your skin (you know those pesky lines from the fabric that often cut into your thighs, stomach, etc?). Such marks and lines are annoying to Photoshop out of pictures.


Step13: Bring a book so you don’t get bored. Sometimes shoots can have some downtime in between so bring a magazine or book to read to keep yourself busy. Bring your favorite CD’s. Cut out pictures that you like from magazines: the pose, mood, expression, angle, attitude, energy.



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